1.en.03 My School; My class

Was your Primary school very different from your High school?

Have you ever wondered what schools in other countries are like? Let’s take Britain, what do you know about British schools? We are going to explore schools in the UK in two videos.

  1. Before watching, read the list of questions and try to guess the answers.
  2. Then watch the 2nd video and  check whether your guesses were correct. Write down the correct answers and the missing information.
  3. Finally, compare British schools with Spanish ones. What makes them different? Are there any common features? What surprised you most about the video?

Primary School

Secondary School

  1. At what age do most children start school?
  2. What time does school start?
  3. What is a lollipop lady?
  4. What does the acronym GCSE stand for?
  5. What is the percentage of students who continue studying after secondary school?
  6. What are A levels?
  7. What is the percentage of students who go to university?
  8. What do most children wear at school?
  9. How many subjects are mentioned in the video? What are these?
  10. What is the average number of students per class? Is it the same in Primary?
  11. At what age do most British students start learning a foreign language?
  12. What are the most popular foreign languages?
  13. Where do most students have lunch?
  14. What do students do after school?
  15. Are schools free?
  16. What are boarding schools?
  17. Can you name a very prestigious British school?

Calvin’s school

Read the following letter from an American teen:



Now try the exercise below:


Now, we are going to explore and describe our classroom. You must be able to explain where you sit, so you’ll need to use some prepositions of place, revise ordinal numbers and learn some new words.

To help you have a look at the lists below:

Prepositions of place


Ordinal Numbers


Seating in class

Use the drawing below to describe where students sit in the classroom



Describing Bob’s classroom

Look at the drawing of Bob’s classroom. This is what Bob wrote about it. Can you complete the text?

English words & sounds

One of the words in the list contains a letter we don’t pronounce. Can you say which one?

We call these letters silent letters. Do you remember any other English words with silent letters?

Maybe, you need to revise the English Alphabet and the English sounds. Click on the image below to find out more:

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