3.en.08 Describing scenes

Have a look at this image

flasbackWhat can you say about this scene?

Can you see the three different parts in the scene?

1:                          2:                        3:

What buildings, objects or people can you see in each part? Where are they?

Where are the people? What are they doing?

Now write 12 different sentences to describe the scene.

Remember to separate your description in at least 3 paragraphs. Use each paragraph for each of the 3 different parts in the scene. Don’t mix the sentences about the different parts in the same paragraph.

Use these models:

This is a ………………………………………. scene.

A) In the …..(part 1, 2 or 3) there is a boat. / there are some boys/ there is a woman

It (The boat) is sailing. / They (The birds) are swimming. / She (The woman) is sunbathing.

B) In the …..(part 1, 2 or 3) on the right I can see a woman sitting in a beach chair under a beach umbrella. She is reading a magazine.

Click on the image below to find some useful language:

As you have noticed when describing a scene we use a new verb form:

The boys are playing football.

Click on the image below to get some extra practice using this form:



Using scenes to tell a story

flasback 1

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