2nd Term


Describing families and friends: family members and relationships

New types of families
Biographies of family members
Describing people: physical appearance and personality
Comparing people’s appearance and personality
Poems, playing with language: alliterations, rhymes, onomatopoeias, tongue twisters, acrostics, diamond poems
Creating poems
Reading poems aloud
Book and film reviews: plots, characters, genres, settings
Comparing and commenting on books and films
Giving opinions, expressing likes and dislikes
Writing a book or a film review
Staging a sketch: poems, fables, tales …
Editing texts: identifying and correcting mistakes; spelling, grammar, word order, vocabulary

Grammar: past tenses simple and continuous, present perfect, questions words, comparison, punctuations marks (comma, stop, full stop), time sequencers: first, second, then, after that, later, finally, at the end, …; possessive adjectives, Saxon genitive, object pronouns

Vocabulary: families and friends: relatives, books and films

Phonetics: consonant sounds