1.en.04 Going on a trip

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to get ready for a trip? We are going to try to ease the process by looking at the steps we must take.

My Luggage

1st What kind of luggage should I take? Look at the pic, can you name the different types of luggage in it?

Luggage numbered big

Click on the image below if you would like to know more about different types of luggage:

What would you think of a piece of luggage you could travel on? Have a look at the ultimate travel gear:

The Scooter Luggage !


2nd Now you can decide what type of luggage suits your best depending on the trip you are going to make. You ony need to pack. Maybe you could learn a lesson from a famous character, Mr. Bean!

Needless to say we should learn a better way of packing. See what an expert has to tell us. Watch this video from Heathrow Airport.


The weekend

Listen to two friends talking about their plans for the weekend. Then, answer the comprehension questions.


1.en.03 The Longest Train Journeys



What are the world’s longest train journeys?

We are going to explore the longest distances you can cover on a train journey.

Ready for the journey?

Click on the pics and find out:

Look for information about three different long train journeys and note down the following information:

a) Distance covered in kilometres (miles?)

b) Place of departure and arrival

c) Time length of journey

d) Passenger or cargo train?

e) Which one is the cheapest journey? and the most expensive?


Train travellers’ experiences

What do train travellers in India tell us about their experiences? Are the experiences similar?

Click on the pics below and learn what a train journey could be like:

Rounak’s story


Ed Hanley’s story


We need to have a closer look at the way these two travellers have told their experiences. Click on the link below: