Class Diary

Dear students, If you click on the image of a diary below
It will take you to a shared Google document called Class Diary. Every day,  following alphabetical order, a different student will write the summary of the  language class sessions of the day.  You must do it as soon as you get home. It will be a collaborative “virtual” summary of your class notes. It will help everyone to keep track of the work done . It will also be helpful for the ones who are ill. What is more, it will give you practice on writing summaries and taking notes. Once a month, more or less,  you will have the opportunity  to show your teachers and your peers how good you are  at writing and at taking class notes. Use on line dictionaries and spellcheckers to revise your notes before publishing them. Your contributions will be assessed and will be part of your mark. In order to be able to collaborate we shall create a g mail account  for you (  and we’ll give you privilege to edit  this document Instructions to write the diary:
  • Remember not to alter your peers’ contributions. The last contribution should always be the top one.
  • Separate days with a line

Every entry must include at least the following three sections:
  • Class Notes
  • New Words & Expressions
  • Homework
  • Date; Student’s name and surname; session number
  • Font type: Arial
  • Color: black (text); Student’s name; Date and Session (black and bold); Homework (red and bold)
  • Size: 12
  • Paragraph: single space between lines